Damascus Virginia

Damascus is known best as Trail Town USA, where seven nationally known trails intersect within our borders, but we are so much more! We are a place of stunning natural beauty, where the hills and peaks of the Appalachian Mountains and the murmuring or our creeks inspire you, whether your calling is outdoor adventure, or simply living in an authentic small town.


Virginia Creeper Trail

Inducted into the Rails to Trails Hall of Fame in 2015, the Virginia Creeper Trail is one of the country’s most famous biking trails.  The Creeper stretches 34 miles from Whitetop Mountain down to Abingdon, VA, passing straight through downtown Damascus along the way.  The portion of the trail going from Whitetop to Damascus is almost all downhill for 17 beautiful miles, making it the most popular bike route in the region.

Several bike rental companies in town offer shuttle services from Damascus to Whitetop, so the trail is highly accessible; and there are plenty of opportunities to stop along the way, for food, scenery or historical information.

The Damascus Brewery


Adam Woodson, brewery founder, daddy extrodinare, and the first employee.  He started out as so many brewers do brewing 5 gallon batches in college to drink and have fun.  From these simple beginnings 12 years ago Adam began growing his own hops and brewing countless batches of homebrew to completely refine recipes and develop some new ones.

Not all were great, just ask friends, but  after a while he learned what to do (and what not to do) and the beer started becoming better than what he could find in stores.  He had been looking to move to Damascus, Virginia for several years but there were no jobs in the area that were in his field-- Chemistry and Biotech. Since there was no work in the area Adam created his own job using other skill sets.  That is when the idea hit him to starting a brewery!

 Adam didn't have a gang of wealthy investors (or any investors) and the thought of going further in debt during the "Great Recession of 2010" was not really an option so he decided to push all his chips in, roll the dice, and do it all by himself. When you visit you will see that everything has been hand crafted-- the lighting, the welding, the woodwork, the graphic art, and even the website! 


Mojo’s is a single unit, medium-size restaurant serving healthy, contemporary style food and gourmet coffee – breakfast and lunch menu with gluten-free options, gourmet and Expresso coffees, lattes, smoothies, pastries, desserts and catering.

John Seymore is the sole owner of the business. He attended culinary school in Richmond,VA and has over 20 years of experience as a chef. He worked for several restaurants in the Richmond area including Joe’s Inn and Lunch where he obtained great knowledge and experience before moving to Damascus and purchasing an existing business renamed Mojo’s.

Mojo’s is open seven days/week, Sun-Wed 7:00-5:00 and Thur-Sat 7:00-9:00

Free WiFi.

Mojo’s is located beside Sun Dog Outfitters and sits directly beside the hugely popular Creeper Trail in Damascus.